The only double-layer Cordura 1000D motorcycle jeans in the world. The Assero Tropical+ Motorcycle Jeans (Tropical Plus) are ideal for riders who want more protection. Are they as cool as the standard Tropical pants? Yes. We can't feel any temperature difference when we wear them on the bike so we wear them all the time.

In a classic five pocket jeans style, the straight leg pattern is similar to our Tropical motorcycle jeans but underneath the outer fabric is another layer of abrasion resistant Cordura 1000D. The extra layer covers the butt, the outside of the legs from waist to top of the knee, and it wraps around the thigh to finish parallel with the inner edge of the front pocket opening.
"The Tropical Plus Jeans are the trousers I use myself. For reasons I'm not entirely sure of, all too often I find myself on routes and in weather where I want as much protection as possible. Perhaps it is something to do with riding in north Thailand. It's pretty remote. You don't want anything to go wrong. If it's pouring with rain, there are one hundred and twenty miles to home, and you're on a mountain road with more twists than the Twilight Zone, a double-layer of Cordura with knee and hip protection is exactly what I want." ~ James Patrick, Design Director.

  • Five pocket, straight leg jeans style look identical to regular black jeans.
  • Abrasion resistant air-flow Cordura 1000D with double layer across seat and thighs.
  • Massively strong lapped-seam construction using Coats bonded Nylon thread.
  • YKK size 10 coiled zip to attach jacket.
  • Assero dye chemistry, Tropical+ jeans are highly resistant to fading.
  • Includes CE Certified Level 2 SAS-TEC knee protectors and pockets for optional hip protectors.

Note that these pants must be worn with the knee armor inserted to ensure adequate protection.

The Assero Tropical Plus Motorcycle Jeans are designed for riding in a hot climate where air-flow and protection are required. They look like normal jeans which makes them ideal for daily use. Our Cordura 1000D fabric is custom made specifically for use in hot and humid conditions. It has a Nylon 6.6 abrasion resistant loose weave that allows air to pass through the fabric. Rain will pill and roll off thanks to a Durable Water Resistant (DWR) coating. The fabric is designed for air-flow so it is not waterproof. It is designed to shrug off showers and to dry very quickly.

The construction of the Tropical+ Motorcycle Jeans uses the Assero Safety Seam(TM) for all critical seams, where the outer seam is reinforced by a concealed seam underneath the outer layer of Cordura 1000D.

Sizing: Our pants are measured to fit actual size rather than the "marketing" sizes found in many jeans. To get the correct size please measure your waist where you normally fasten your jeans and select the corresponding size. If in doubt, select one size up to leave room for a well-earned lunch. Note, unlike denim jeans our Cordura pants do not shrink when washed.

Please note, as of 8th November 2018 we have no more stock of Tropical Plus pants. If you are interested in a pair please send a message via our Contact Page and we will put you on a reserve list for the next production batch. This will be in 2019.


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Width: 16.00
Height: 6.00
Depth: 14.00
SAS-TEC Hip Protectors Level II
Add Assero Belt with Laser Engraved Buckle