Assero Gear is a boutique brand of cool, comfortable and protective motorcycle garments for tropical conditions. Our Cordura garments are cooler and stronger than denim or polyester. The broad weave Nylon allows air to flow through the whole garment. To ensure the highest possible quality we make all Assero gear ourselves, not sub-contracted to a least-cost factory. We are happy to guarantee all of our products.

FREE SHIPPING IN S.E. ASIA! Includes: Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, & Vietnam.

Ladies Air-Rush in Fitted & Regular Styles

Assero Open Day, Chiang Rai

If you are looking for links: Here's our Official Thai Facebook page Assero Thailand; James' "A Design Adventure", an unofficial blog; a list of Assero retailers in Thailand; new stockists in Bangkok and Phitsanoluk, and if you are in Malaysia, Eric at BikeQuest, our friendly distributor, can direct you to the nearest stockist. For some time we have wanted to put up a page about local products we know and use. While it is in the works, here's a list of our favourites; GT-Rider Forum (FB) and GT Rider Maps, and the brilliantly named "Happy Cheeks" saddle cushions. More to follow.