SAS-TEC Hot Weather Back Protector

The SAS-TEC Level I Hot Weather back protector is lightweight, cool, soft and flexible, and it exceeds the standard test EN 1621-2 for energy attenuation by more than 50%. It offers an ideal blend of comfort and protection. We recommend them on that basis.

  • Visco-elastic foam is soft, comfortable and well ventilated
  • Residual force according to EN 1621-2 attenuated to 11 kN (limit Level 1: 18 kN).
  • Weight: ca. 225 g
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): ca. 400mm/212mm/16 mm

Price: $50 (1,595THB), or $30 (995THB) when purchased with a jacket.

Some thoughts on back protectors.

There are many odd descriptions online about back protectors and SAS-TEC's back protectors. We live in an age when discernment is of critical importance. With the deluge of information that the internet provides being able to understand the different between truth and falsehood has become a key skill. For example;

" intelligent armor constructed from Visco Elastic soft foam smart molecules"

There's no such thing as "intelligent armor" nor do "smart molecules" exist in the real world. Similarly an ignorance of basic physics hinders the honesty of other descriptions;

"...outstanding shock absorption values."

Motorcycle armor can not "absorb" shock in the sense that the energy from an impact does not disappear. What a limb or back protector does is attenuate the kinetic energy wave received in an impact. The attenuation reduces the amplitude of the peak kinetic energy impulse that is passed to the rider's limb.

When it came to selecting a back protector for Assero's hot weather motorcycle jackets we tested a range of different designs including those from BMW, Forcefield, Knox and SAS-TEC. All satisfied the European safety tests. Nonetheless we found that in hot weather several felt like heavy pads that became uncomfortable in use. After wearing them we found our undergarments and jackets were soaked in sweat. In contrast the most comfortable back protector in hot weather was made by SAS-TEC. Its light weight and good ventilation were significant advantages in actual use.

There's a simple truism borne out in research that says if a motorcycle limb protector is comfortable it will be worn more frequently. The inverse applies; if a protector is uncomfortable it will be worn infrequently. In practical terms it is essential that a back protector is comfortable to wear in hot and humid conditions otherwise the rider will leave it at home. That's our experience, and what the research concludes. Common sense, really.