SAS-TEC Hot Weather Back Protector


SAS-TEC Level I Hot Weather Back Protector:

We tested all of the leading manufacturer's back protectors when it came to selecting the protector for Assero's jackets. We found the most comfortable was made by SAS-TEC. Their Level I Hot Weather back protector is lightweight, cool, soft and flexible, and it exceeds the standard test EN 1621-2 for energy attenuation by more than 50%. We find a comfortable back protector makes a huge difference in how often we wear it.

  • Visco-elastic foam is soft, comfortable and well ventilated
  • Residual force according to EN 1621-2 attenuated to 11 kN (limit Level 1: 18 kN).
  • Weight: ca. 225 g
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): ca. 400mm/212mm/16 mm

Price: $50 (1595THB) ($46 or 1450THB when bought with an Assero Jacket)