Horizon Motorcycle Pants

Assero Horizon Pants, close-up of shin-length side zipper cover.

Purposed designed and built for touring in hot countries the Assero Horizon Touring pants are full of features specifically for long distance riding. Their touring specific features include:

    • All-Day Cut which provides a looser cut for all day in the saddle in hot weather.
    • A diamond shaped crotch panel moves seams away from the "sit bones" to increase seated comfort.
    • Assero's Air-Flow Cordura 1000D is soft, comfortable, and allows air to pass through the entire garment. Same coolness as our Tropical pants.
    • An additional layer of Cordura 500D reinforces the knees. We included a PU under-coating for water-resistance for when kneeling on damp ground. Think early morning packing of a tent on damp ground.
    • A quilted lumbar pad protects the base of the back and includes an abrasion resistant layer for maximum protection.
    • MX boot fit. The Horizon pants are sized to fit touring boots for off-road and cross-country riding. A shin-length side zipper makes them easy to put on and take off over boots if required.
    • The calf area uses Velcro fastenings with glove size tabs.
    • SAS-TEC CE Level II knee protectors included. Interior pockets for optional SAS-TEC hip protectors.
  • Assero Horizon Touring Pants in Cordura 1000D cost $275 or 9,500THB.

    Shipping is free to delivery addresses within Thailand. Shipping to the USA is $12 and takes approximately 10 days. To order a pair of Assero Tropical Pants please Contact Us with your waist and leg measurements. We will check the size you require before dispatch. We do our best to reply to all messages within one hour.

Reinforced Knee Section with Cordura 500D on Cordura 1000D
Assero Horizon pants pocket detail; downward fastening pocket for use while riding.

Like our famed Tropical pants the Horizon Touring pants are made from custom made Cordura 1000D fabric which we specified to make it ideal for hot and humid conditions. The Cordura textile is highly abrasion resistant and approximately five times stronger than denim. Unlike Cordura used in rucksacks, our Cordura 1000D is an open-weave without any water-proof backing. The loose weave allows air to pass through the fabric while a coating of Durable Water Repellant (DWR) means rain water pills and rolls off. This design creates garments that are not waterproof and yet which can be worn in light rain without wetting out. And once wet the fabric dries very quickly.

The construction of all Assero Motorcycle pants uses the strongest seam in the industry. All of the main seams are triple sewn with a double-lapped seam over an inner security seam. This provides the ultimate protection against burst seams as the inner security seam is completely covered by an outer layer of Cordura 1000D. In addition, all thread is Coats Nylon thread in a heavy grade than can only be handled by industrial sewing machines designed for heavyweight thread. Which is one of the reasons all Assero Gear is manufactured in our own workshop and not sent out to commercial sewing factories.

It's worth noting that we use the highest grade of Cordura 1000D made entirely with Nylon 6.6. Strictly, Nylon is another name for polyamide. Unlike polyester it has an inherent stretch which in fabric form has great resistance to abrasion and in thread makes very strong seams which resist breaking through stretch.

Assero motorcycle pants are more comfortable and cooler than any motorcycle jeans made of denim. And much more durable.