Assero Laser Engraved Belt
Assero Laser Engraved Belt Buckle with Webbing Belt

Assero Laser Engraved Belt

The perfect companion to a pair of Assero hot weather motorcycling pants our laser engraved Assero belt buckle comes with 38mm YKK non-slip webbing that is soft and flexible for long rides, and which is impervious to sweat.

To get the correct size simply select the waist size that corresponds with your Assero motorcycle pants.

Assero Laser Engraved Belt: $16 - Just $12 purchased with Tropical pants.

Weight: 1.75oz / 50g.

Color: All Black

Material: Acetal buckle. Made by YKK, Japan. Laser engraved by Assero Gear. High quality YKK polyester webbing.


  • The Assero Laser Engraved Belt is available at a discounted price of $12 when purchased with a pair of Assero Tropical Pants.
  • We recommend that when wearing any belt a tank protector is fitted to ensure the buckle can not leave scratches.