Assero Helios Pro Keprotec gloves

Assero Keprotec Motorcycle Gloves

We have found the last box of Assero Helios Pro motorcycle gloves, in size 9 Medium only. (This really is the last box. We do not have any other sizes, nor will we be making any more gloves since the cost of Schoeller Keprotec became too expensive to be viable after the Swiss Franc was revalued). 

If you have hand size 9 / Medium you are in luck (see size chart below) ! This is your chance to own the strongest synthetic motorcycle gloves in the world. They have the most advanced features of any motorcycle glove:

  • Schoeller Switzerland Keprotec outer, a sophisticated weave of stretch Kevlar and possibly one of the most expensive performance fabrics in existence.
  • SAS-TEC knuckle protectors in a "floating" construction for maximum comfort.
  • SuperFabric padded palm slider, edge of hand, and little finger protection.
  • Dyneema UHMWPE lining that wicks sweat and which insulates your hands.
  • Non-slip grip fabric on fingertips and palm.
  • A 360 degree wrist strap for retention and security with integrated reflector.

The Assero Helios Pro gloves are over-engineered for peace of mind. Most importantly they are 100% synthetic and do not rot or break down like leather gloves in wet and humid conditions. One pair can last many seasons.

If you want the highest performance hot weather motorcycle gloves money can buy send us a message and we will double-check the size with you and arrange delivery. Please use our Contact Us page or email

Only size 9 Medium gloves remain. They are a slim fit. If your hand has a palm circumference of 8.5" they should fit. Similarly a middle finger length of up to 3.5". Please Contact Us if you are not sure about sizing.