About Us

Style. Comfort. Protection.
Assero was founded in 2012 by James Patrick, an industrial designer, based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He wanted high quality motorcycle clothing that was versatile, comfortable in hot weather, and which provided a high level of protection in a tough environment. None was available so he began to make his own. It worked well and his friends wanted some too. So he made some more. Then fellow motorcyclists he met asked for the same. Before long, Assero became a full-time business.

Design and Testing
We spend a lot of time designing gear that works on the bike and testing to ensure that it really does work. For example, that's why our front jacket pockets zip fasten downwards to close. It's easy to do one-handed on a bike. Similarly we use Thailand's hot weather and high humidity to check we have enough air flowing through a garment. With city riding there's enough traffic and stop lights to find out just how hot we'll get moving at low speed. And in the mountains we can test the comfort of our clothing in low and high temperatures. Chiang Mai in north Thailand is the perfect place for us to design and test in hot weather and high humidity.

We make all Assero garments ourselves. We don't sub-contract garments to low cost factories like most companies. Doing our own manufacturing is a more difficult path but it has two advantages. It gives us full control over quality. Everything that goes into our garments we have selected ourselves. Every garment that goes out, we have checked. Having a manufacturing capability means full control over the final garment quality.

The other advantage is flexibility. We don't have to sell one thousand garments of each design, the normal minimum order quantity from a garment factory. Based on customer feedback, we can constantly improve our garments with each new batch. New designs can be prototyped for testing with the minimum of fuss. And all the small details of production, where there may be a trade-offs, we can decide for ourselves. Since we use all of our products you can be sure we favour safety over cost.

For the first four years we made our products in our own workshop in Bandung, Java. The city is the center of the garment industry in Indonesia. We have family there so it was an obvious choice. With highly skilled workers, easy access to specialised machinery, and suppliers for thread and other notions, it was ideal. Nonetheless, as of 2019 family needs meant we have had to move to Thailand on a long term basis. We aim to re-establish manufacturing in Thailand as soon as we can. We have stock in most items sufficient for 2019.

Motorcycle Clothing and Informed Choice
Assero's birthplace was on the roads of North Thailand. Hundreds of miles of some of the most beautiful and best motorcycling roads in the world. From fast three lane highways across Nan Province to steep and twisting mountain lanes along the borders with Myanmar and Laos. What these roads demand is clothing that is comfortable, tough, and reliable. What is available is cheap polyester motorcycle clothing. Was it abrasion resistant? How strong were the seams? Was flimsy armor really going to protect us?
Assero's range of motorcycling apparel was created to answer these questions. Everything we put into our garments is the product of research into the performance of motorcycle clothing. There is a great deal of academic work in this field and we apply it to our choices of fabrics, thread, and garment construction. And we supply as much information as you need to make an informed choice.

Style and Comfort
Protective motorcycle gear should look like "normal" clothing so it is convenient to wear. Leather "Power Ranger" suits are highly protective and functional for racing - we use them ourselves - but not so great for riding through town. At Assero we use classic cuts and silhouettes to style our garments so they look as good as good in the mall as they do on the bike.
Since founding our company, we have concentrated on making motorcycle clothes for warm weather riding. Most of our clothing is designed to be worn between 16C and 34C (60F to 93F). That would be summer in North America or Europe, or all year round in South-East Asia. The fabrics we use, such as uncoated Cordura 1000D and Schoeller of Switzerland's Keprotec, allow air to flow through their weave, they dry fast after light rain, and they are comfortable enough to wear all day.

Safety Standards
The safety of our products is of paramount importance. It's why we started to make our own clothing in the first place. We use our motorcycle clothing every day. Our family and friends use Assero gear every day. We make the best because we don't want to let our customers, our friends, or ourselves down.
We use the highest quality manufacturing standards to make our garments. Fabric choices are made as an answer to the question, "What is the best fabric we can use for this application?" And when it comes to safety, small details are just as important. For example, we use Coates bonded Nylon thread throughout our product range. It is stronger and more reliable than the more widely available polyester thread used by the majority of motorcycle clothing manufacturers.
Similarly, if we have to choose between a quick way to make something and a better quality method, we will choose the better quality method. We are not making fast fashion. We are making garments with classic style that will last the wearer a long time. You can rely on them to be durable in normal use and in extreme circumstances. In normal use we expect our garments to serve a period of five to ten years or longer. In extreme circumstances such as crashes, our garments are engineered to protect the wearer beyond the limits of the vast majority of textile motorcycle clothing.