James first got involved with outdoor equipment in the late 1980's. That's right, he's the old guy. The steady hand. The experience. He designs and tests our products and guides Assero. He uses a Juki 8160 industrial sewing machine. Design Leader.
Jun is the fastest darn sewist on planet Earth. We're not kidding. He makes impossible things come true with his Juki 8700 industrial sewing machine. Yes, sir. Five thousand stitches per minute. He makes that machine dance, sing, and flow. We tried using it. It bites. Production Leader.
Lina co-ordinates the things we can't manage. Which is just about everything. Without her, where would we be? Project Leader
Ariel knows computers. That's what we think. What he says is that mobile devices are only the beginning. Someone said he's cooking AI in his office. The Brain.
Nik has a nak for assessing what is great and what is wrong with a product. We don't know how he does it but his advice is spot-on. He tests all of our garments and accessories. And at speed. On his Ducati. He lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Chief Product Tester.
Why Assero?
In Latin "assero" means "protect" which is what all our gear does.