Bike or house keys, spare cash for gas, our 1.5" wide money belt keeps things safe while you enjoy riding your bike.

With a 34cm concealed pocket sewn into the inside face, the Assero Money Belt has enough space to hold two stacks of five notes folded in half. Actually you can get a few more in, if you don't mind the feel of an overfed python around one's waist.

Ideal for a spare motorcycle key, house key, a photocopy of your main passport page or insurance documents, a miniture first aid or survival kit.

Size XS: overall length fits waist 26"– 28"
Size S: overall length fits waist 30"– 32"
Size M: overall length fits waist 34"– 36"
Size L: overall length fits waist 38"– 40"
Size XL: overall length fits waist 42"– 44"
Assero laser engraved acetal buckle, 1.5" (38mm) YKK webbing, #3 YKK coil zip
Weight. 70g
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