To acheive the best performance we spend a lot of time evaluating and testing new textiles, notions, and fittings. Only after we are satisfied they will provide the best possible function and longevity do we include them in Assero products. Here are some examples of the materials we use:


There are many different types of Cordura. The classic Cordura, used in rucksacks the world-over for the past thirty years, is woven from an air-textured yarn made of Nylon N66, the most abrasion resistant and stretchy form of Nylon. For our motorcycle pants we use Cordura 1000D. "D" stands for dernier, and 1000D is the heaviest weight available in the classic Cordura weave. The difference with Assero motorcycle pants is that where most Cordura fabric has a one or two layer coating of polyurethane (PU) on the reverse side, which is useful for weatherproofing luggage and military equipment, our Cordura is uncoated. This means that air will flow through the relatively loose weave which makes it ideal for warm weather motorcycle clothing.


Stretch Fabric


Schoeller of Switzerland's Keprotec fabric is a high technology weave which combines a Nylon face with a Kevlar underlayer. Developed specifically for motorcycle clothing, Keprotec is an abrasion resistant alternative to leather. It's lighter than leather, too. Often seen in the racing suits of MotoGP and WSB riders, Keprotec comes in a variety of different blends and weights. It is a very expensive fabric.

The version of Keprotec we use is Keprotec 65522 (63% polyamide (Nylon), 27% para-aramid (Kevlar) and 10% elastane). Keprotec 65522 weighs 500g/m2, and according to ISO 13934/1 it will stretch 130% along its warp until breaking at 1400N and 95% along its weft until breaking at 1200N. It comes with a Durable Water Resistant (DWR) coating.




We're not sure where or when the rumors began but some companies claim that SuperFabric® is made from, "tiny laser applied ceramic plates." Perhaps their imagination has run-away with them. In reality SuperFabric® is a flexible fabric coating that consists of small (c.2mm to 5mm) epoxy shapes adhered to a textile surface. The epoxy shapes can be produced in a wide variety of shapes and colors and they adhere to a wide variety of textiles including Nylon and polyester.

For Assero's products we select only the most abrasion resistant SuperFabric textiles. Usually these will have been measured to EN388, a standard for glove abrasion, cut, tear, and puncture resistance. We use SuperFabric where additional low-level abrasion resistance is useful to protect a garment in specific areas such as the knees, elbows, and shoulders. We are unaware of any objective evidence that suggests SuperFabric offers high levels of abrasion resistance when measured to EN13595.




The Double Lapped Seam is what we use for all the main seams on our pants. It's principle advantage for motorcycle clothing is the way it coveres an inner concealed seam with a layer of fabric. Military research papers suggest that the lapped seam maintains at least 95% of the strength of the joined textile.




For all of our products we use Coats bonded Nylon industrial thread.We really like it for its consistency and great quality. The principle advantage of Nylon thread over polyester is that it is more elastic and it has a higher strength. Of course it is expensive but it adds significant strength and reliability to our products.


Coats Nylbond is a bonded Nylon thread made from pre-stabilised continuous filament Nylon 6.6. Typically Nylbond is used where superior abrasion resistance, strength and durability is required. It provides ISO 105 Grade 4 washing, washing fastness, rub fastness and artificial light fasteness. Average strength for the Tex 135 Nylbond thread we use in our pants is 9.6kg per thread.


Coats Star is a military specification bonded Nylon thread made from Nylon 6.6. For use in military backpacks Star employs a special single pass in-line dye-bond process technology to meet the strength and color fastness requirements of MIL spec AA59826. Average strength of Tex 135 Star is 10.7kg per thread.

Where we want water-resistant seams we use a specially made version of our standard Coats thread called Nylbond AW. This is Nylbond with the addition of an anti-wicking finish which prevents the capillary action of water from ascending the thread to penetrate a sewn seam.