What we know about fabric longevity is that the main determinates in garment longevity are washing and sunlight. Hence there are two ways to increase the useable life of your fabric products (this applies to all garments, not just Assero's.)

- Wash garments with pure soap flakes in cold water to reduce the speed at which fabrics degrade. Under no circumstances use chlorine based agents or detergents.

- Dry garments in the shade, not in direct sunlight. We have heard that outer garments can be treated with UV inhibitor although we have not tried it ourselves.

Academic research we have read suggests that washing reduces the strength of garment fabrics and thread in less than twenty washes. While Nylon degrades less quickly it is important to dry the fabric unaggressively (drip-dry) immediately after washing. Don't leave Nylon fabrics in a damp heap on the floor!