Named after the Greek god of the sun, the Helios Pro is the ultimate summer motorcycle glove. Its design emphasises protection. The outer is made of Keprotec, an abrasion resistant stretch fabric made from Nylon and Kevlar. The inner lining is made from Dyneema, otherwise known as Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethelyne (UHMWPE) which is up to fifteen times stronger than steel.

The Helios Pro avoids the disadvantages of leather which cannot be washed without an inevitable loss of strength. As it is 100% textile the Helios Pro can be washed without harm. They retain their strength for years. Perfect for warm weather riding and long distance adventures.


assero-16x16-favicon.png Comfortable for whole day use in warm climates; the Keprotec stretch fabric outer has a Kevlar underlayer which insulates the wearer from the sun's heat.

assero-16x16-favicon.png The ultra-strong Dyneema liner wicks sweat away from the hand, and offers a cool surface touch.

assero-16x16-favicon.png Textured fabric palm padding and silicon finger grips provide secure day-long handling.

assero-16x16-favicon.png Air permeable fabric allows air to flow through the glove.

assero-16x16-favicon.png Durable Water-Repellant Coating (DWR) reduces water absorption and shortens drying time.


assero-16x16-favicon.png 100% Keprotec Nylon/Kevlar glove chassis, specifically developed by Schoeller of Switzerland for motorcycle clothing.

assero-16x16-favicon.png Dyneema (UHMWPE) liner, up to x15 stronger than carbon steel, one of the most abrasion resistant materials known to man.

assero-16x16-favicon.png SAS-TEC knuckle protectors pass the European CE tests for protection.

assero-16x16-favicon.png SuperFabric Padded Hand Slider for abrasion resistance.

assero-16x16-favicon.png "Full Circle RetentionTM" wrist strap ensures the glove stays in place.

assero-16x16-favicon.png Coates Nylbond thread.

 We believe the Assero Helios Pro is the world's strongest 100% textile warm weather motorcycle glove.
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